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Air Broker Net FAQ’s for private air charter, charter jet rental

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What are the benefits of utilizing the services of Air Broker Net?

We have the industry knowledge, experience and equipment to review the total marketplace to ensure that you receive the right aircraft at the right price. Our staff will handle all of the tedious details associated with organizing a successful private air charter, saving you time and money. We can arrange any additional service requests, i.e., limousines, exclusive catering, additional security or any number of special needs.

When is it a "good deal" to private air charter- charter jet rental?

A hard question to answer in few words. There are many parameters one has to take into account, not only the actual price for the air charter flight. For instance:

- Timesaving; when private air chartering you decide and alter the schedule to your needs, and also you will avoid the masses at the general terminals, delays, lost luggage, check in, connecting flights and layovers.

- You can save money, “time is money” and in most cases traveling in groups of three or more can be more cost effective when chartering your own private aircraft versus flying commercial airlines. In addition you can also often save parking, hotel costs and per diem costs.

- You get enhanced levels of comfort, privacy and security when you fly in your private jet rental.

- You select the service level you want, for instance you can make productive "office time" of the the flight or just relax and enjoy a gourmet dinner onboard with your family. Every request is handled individually, and the conditions of each request are taken into consideration.

- With more airport and aircraft choices you can get closer to your final destination.

What types of individuals and groups should always consider a private air charter?

Corporations or individuals that want to improve productivity, have the ability to conduct confidential meetings on private air charter aircraft, make calls without being overheard and conduct business in a professional manner. Did you know corporate/ private aircraft saves an average of four hours travel time and eight hours of productive time on each trip? Only charter jet rental would allow a person to visit more than one location in a business day and return home. Incentive travelers, wedding and honeymoon parties, sports teams and musical bands should consider the advantages of private air chartering also.

How do I know what kind of private air charter aircraft I may need for my trip?

With over 1,700 different charter aircraft available to use from our data bases the choices are quite a few. All private charter jets are owned by high net worth individuals and corporations who have the private jets on Part 135 air charter certificates. The vast size of our network allows us to guarantee availability 365 days a year with a four hour response time or less. The charter aircraft required for your mission is essentially a product of five things: passenger count, baggage requirements, range, service level and budget. Our private air charter coordinators will help you to select which class of charter aircraft is right for your trip.

What charter aircraft types do you use?

We do not own charter aircraft, we broker charter aircraft owned by exclusively selected air charter operators. As air charter brokers, we offer all kinds of charter aircraft types for all kinds of flights. Small or large. We choose the charter aircraft that best meets your needs and budget. We are completely independent and have no financial ties to any air charter operator. This guarantees unbiased quotations, best rates and selection of aircraft to the client.

How much does it cost?

The cost of private air charter travel differs depending on the type of aircraft chartered. The hourly rate ranges from about $400/hr for a light multi piston engine aircraft to over 8,000/hr for some heavy charter jets. Take a look at our Aircraft Specifications and Rate Chart for approximate charter aircraft rates. Additional services like ground transportation and catering are charged. We can guarantee you the most competitive prices in the private air charter market, Contact us for air charter quotes and prices.

I travel frequently, do you have a frequent flyer program or block rate program?

Air Broker Net's Jet Charter Block Rate Programs are the perfect alternative for individuals or corporations that fly 25 to 300 hrs per year. With our Block Rate Programs you or your corporation can buy block charter purchases at discounted wholesale rates and at the same time earn Air Broker Net's Jet Charter Rewards. A unique combination in the charter jet industry that will save you thousands of dollars on private air charter.

Can I get a seat on an airplane?

“Yes”, but you need to charter the entire aircraft. No matter how many passengers, the rate is the same. Thus, flying with 3 or more passengers can often save you money compared to flying the airlines.

What's an empty leg flight?

This is when the aircraft is already scheduled to fly a passenger (or pick up a passenger) on a one way flight. The other "leg", that the aircraft needs to fly is empty of passengers, and is considered the empty leg or backhaul. Since the aircraft has been paid by the first passenger, the empty leg rate is substantially reduced (between 25-60% off the regular price).                                          Click here for current Empty Leg Flight Specials.

What safety and security standards do Air Broker Net have?

At Air Broker Net, our main focus is safety and security. For each charter flight request, we also request the latest aircraft maintenance records of the charter aircraft you will fly, require that pilots have a certain minimum of flight hours and experience, and ensures sufficient insurance coverage of the charter aircraft operator.
From among the 1,400 regulated charter jet operators, Air Broker Net only selects those that meet the high standards set by independent auditors like WYVERN (Flight Safety) and Q-STAR.

As far as security is concerned, Air Broker Net requires background checks by its charter jet operators, from flight attendants to pilots. The FAA has recently enhanced security regulations at private airports and requires that: " All passengers present two forms of identification before entry to the aircraft. " Pilots have the right to inspect passengers and luggage. " Aircraft are inspected prior to the boarding of passengers. We conform to the standards established by the FAA for airlines, except that you don't have to wait in long lines as you pass through security procedures. In many cases its just you and four or five other passengers. Security delays are virtually non-existent.


  How would you compare Air Broker Net's Jet Charter Block Rate Program with a typical fractional ownership program?

The Air Broker Net Block Rate Program has no membership fees, no acquisition costs, no monthly management fees, no long-term contractual commitments and no hidden costs.
Rather than being tied to a specific jet aircraft as with fractional programs you can select the right jet aircraft for each trip: heavy jets for long trips; light jets for shorter trips. What makes block rate program even more compelling is that a jet aircraft  is always available. You don't have to contend with co-owners when you're ready to fly. In addition, Air Broker Net’s aircraft operators that are used in this program adheres to the stringent requirements of Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and other standards set by independent auditors. These standards are much stricter than the Part 91 rules that apply to most other fractionally owned aircraft, unless you choose to use a fractional aircraft used in a part 135 air charter operation like Air Broker Net’s
Fractional Aircraft Solution.

How far in advance do I need to book my charter flight?

One of the major benefits of using Air Broker Net is that you can arrange a private air charter through us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with only a couple of hours notice. For large transport jet flights and more complicated itineraries (with multiple destinations), we suggest at least a few days notice. However, in emergency situations we are capable of launching any size charter jet in a matter of hours.

Can one change schedule after a booking has been made?

Yes! Flexibility is a key word in air charter, especially when chartering smaller private aircraft.

Are tickets needed?

Almost never. When chartering a smaller aircraft we only need the passenger names and information one or few days prior to departure. I some cases we can get you a flight within a few hours of prior notice. When chartering large aircraft, some airlines require individual tickets or a group ticket, but most airlines require only a passenger manifest.

How many airports can Air Broker Net’s aircraft fly into?

Air Broker Net can access over 5,000 airports in the
U.S. alone compared with the 560 that can be accessed by a commercial carrier.

Can I charter a private aircraft to any destination in the World?

Pretty much! There are several thousands of airports in the world where airlines do not go but where you can fly to in you private charter aircraft. We work globally, and through our vast network of contacts we can offer charter aircraft all over the world. Our charter aircraft can safely and comfortably land at nearly every one of them with room to spare. (Restrictions may apply to some unsafe regions in the world). 

How do I make a reservation or an air charter quote request?

You can fill out our brief Online Request Form, fax or mail our Printable Request Form or just call us at 1-877-Sky-Dial. One of our air charter coordinators will provide you with aircraft and pricing options. They will work with you to ensure that you are provided with all of the alternatives available and assist in selecting the private aircraft that best meets your needs.

Are all quotations free of charge?

Yes! All quotations from us are always free of charge!


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